Full Service New Construction

Full Service New Construction

If you are starting from scratch we can provide all the painting services necessary in Calgary to bring your house under construction, to a home ready to live in.

There are five common steps to completing a paint job on a "new build".

  1. Wall Priming: This is done when the drywall taping and mudding is complete and sanded. Coating the walls with a latex primer will allow the walls to be properly conditioned for the final coats of paint.
  2. Drywall Touch-ups: This is done after the priming stage; the coat of primer on the walls will show all the blemishes and allow them to be fixed before the painting has started.
  3. Ceilings: The next step is to coat the ceilings, if need be. Usually on a new build these will be sprayed with an acrylic latex, usually in a Flat sheen.
  4. Wood Finishing: When the carpenters are done installing the trim, doors, and cabinetry they will need to be coated (not the carpenters, but the wood work!) The best finish comes from spraying these also. A number of different products can be used to coat the wood in your home, and usually at least three are used in every house. Many times a solid color will be chosen for the trim and doors. This can be accomplished with lacquer or acrylic latex based paint. A stain and clear finish is usually used on railings, cabinetry, and many types of built-ins. The products and methods used can always be tweaked and fine-tuned to accommodate your specific needs.
  5. Wall Coating: This is the stage where your new house starts looking like a home. Most times two coats of acrylic latex paint in an Eggshell sheen are all it takes to complete the walls. All the ceilings, doorframes, windows, and corners are cut in with brushes, and then the walls are finished off with rollers. Job complete!

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